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Troy’s Mind is in the Gutter…


The Gutter at Horseshoe Bend has been great this last week. Main Payette levels have been above 5,000 and water is spilling over the bladder – so the 4th wave has been washed out. But the 3rd wave has been awesome! Here is a shot of Troy getting in a little quality time…

Troy's Mind is in the Gutter

Temporary Camps for Middle Fork Floaters


Idaho Statesman – Edition Date: 05/11/07 Here’s the latest news on the logjam at Pistol Creek on the Middle Fork of the Salmon River.

The U.S. Forest Service said today that river runners, who are choosing to launch on the river above the logjam, are experiencing problems because of the lack of approved campsites in the Pistol Creek area, where the logjam is located. Normally, there are only a limited number of campsites on the whole length of the wilderness river, and they are in established places.
To address the problem, the federal agency will establish several temporary campsites in the area of the logjam. These additional camps will allow floaters the ability to camp near the logjam as they portage around it.
River rangers will be stationed at the Dolly Lake campsite upstream to contact floaters prior to reaching the logjam, and near the logjam site itself, to provide detailed information on the temporary camp locations.
Since it takes additional time to portage around the logjam, the Forest Service will authorize an additional day on the river to any group that requests it in advance. The standard fees will be applied for this additional day, the agency said.
These temporary measures will be in place as long as needed and will be modified, the agency said. The Forest Service said it will not clear the logjam.
The logjam is blocking the Middle Fork of the Salmon River in the same place as one last July. The Forest Service dynamited the logjam last summer because several hundred whitewater boaters were stranded upstream.

Road open to Boundary Creek


Idaho Statesman – Edition Date: 05/15/07
The road to Boundary Creek, the launch site of the Middle Fork of the Salmon River, is open. The U.S. Forest Service send out an e-mail alerting river outfitters.

The road, which is accessible through Bear Valley, is the main route to the launch site on Idaho’s famous Middle Fork in the Frank Church River of No Return Wilderness. When the road is closed by snow in spring, river runners have to run Marsh Creek off Idaho 21. Marsh Creek is a rocky, log-strewn creek, which is a tributary of the Middle Fork.
Boundary Creek is reached by taking the forest road to Bear Valley off Idaho 21 between Lowman and Stanley.

A Couple of Idaho Vids


Here is a clip from last September of my boys (Troy, 11, in the Red boat/black helmet – and Tyler, 14, in the blue boat/white helmet) as they ran the Cabarton section of the Payette. Here is a little footage of Howards Plunge…

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Here is some footage from the Salmon by idahosurfyak :

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Idaho’s Devon Barker Places 7th in Worlds!


Devon makes Idaho proud with a good showing at the Worlds in Ottawa.

This is Devons update from the Jackson Kayak website:

Inspired World Championships May 5, 2007 By Devon Barker:

Friday was Semi Finals and Finals on Mini Bus Eater Wave on the Ottawa River in Canada. I finished 7th but missed my air blunts which would have advanced me into the finals. As I watched the Womens finals I was so inspired by the skill level from Ruth Gordon. I am fired up to learn Pan Ams and improve my clean blunts. Ruth is our new World Champion! WC Here is a link to the results.

In the finals the tow in rope broke. Tyler Curtis flipped on the tow when it broke and then it was too long during Nick Troutmans ride costing him an unlucky flush. The judges gave both Tyler and Nick another ride. If I was not inspired enough by Ruth Gordons performance EJ made sure to top off my day by winning another World Championships. He is amazing! Dan Burke won the C1 finals with an awesome McNasty at the buzzer. It was fabulous. Emily won Jr. Women and Garcia (NRS Ambassador) won Jr. Men. We were all on our feet cheering throughout finals. Nick and Dane both got 3rd in Sr. Men and Jr. Men. The closing ceremonies were great and we were clad in our new Nike uniforms. I am off to Reno and then the Colorado for clinics, demos, Steamboat, and Vail. Then I will head back to Idaho to work on clean blunts and pan ams! Maybe Skook, maybe Wenatchee, but for sure Gold Hole! Tow-In Surfing Video (QuickTime 5.4 MB)

Going West!