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It’s going to be an early morning…Then the 4th Boise Throwdown!


Christmas in August for me! My daughter, Brooke, gives my new Monstar ‘two-thumbs-up’! Guess I’m going to have to get up early and hit a morning Gutter session tomorrow :-) I am really digging the new design AND colors….

Check out Colin Kemps writeup on the Monstar HERE!

Alpenglow will have all of the new ’10 star series at the Gutter at 6pm tommow for you to try at the Throwdown!

First Trip Down the Main This Year.


[singlepic=27,320,240,,left]Sunny and about 50 degrees today, so Tyler, Troy and I hit the Main Payette today for a little river time – first river-running of the year. Still some snow on the shore and water was chilly, but what a great time. Troys B-day is tomorrow, so this was our last trip out before he is a teen-ager :-) And…my new IR Drypants ROCK!

Level right now is about 2500 right now. If you are running GoLeft right now watch for a little fin rock on the left line just on the seam made by the big rock near the shore.

GPS Files for the Payette


TomTomHey, if your going to be visiting the Payette this year and have a GPS – I have created a couple of POI (Point of Interest) files that you can upload to your system. One will help you find Access Points and scoutable rapids. I’m still adding some of the North Fork sections, but right now it has sections on the Main Payette, South Fork and Cabarton. It also includes features such as the ‘Gutter’/Bladder and Climax Wave. The other POI file will get you to Boise area whitewater shops.

Get the CSV files for Payette Rapids and Access Points HERE and the POI file of Boise area whitewater shops HERE. I can convert these to other formats if needed.

If you have any questions or need these converted feel free to Contact Me.

TomTom Screen 1

TomTom Screen 2

TomTom Screen 3

Only in Idaho….


Boatin’ goat1Needless to say we got some strange looks driving down the road. My oldest son was helping with a kids fair this weekend so we took a couple of our goats down to the fair grounds in Boise. I’ve found that when the boats are on the side of the truck, the goats make the trip a lot better – kind of blocks all that stuff zipping by.

Boatin’ goat2

Finally – A Little River Time


Troy and I decided to hit the Gutter Sunday afternoon since the temp had soared to a sweltering 42 degrees. We drove up expecting no one to be around, only to find our buddy Chuck (pic on left) had beat us there. Little ice chunks floated past us occasionally and Troy was splatting on snowbanks along shore. The first trip of the year is always interesting trying to get all that gear on in the right order – I always get my PFD on and then remember my sprayskirt!

Then the boys and I ran down to the Downtown YMCA to help out with the Idaho River Kids roll session and an adult roll session – Troy thought the water was quite a bit warmer in the pool :-)

Spring is just around the corner, so if you want to brush up on your roll or tighten up a flatwater move, there are several businesses holding pool sessions. Check them out HERE.

Gutter Pics


A couple of weeks ago we were at the Gutter with our friends the McLeods, Jacksons and Vorhees. Link was there with is super-duper camera and keen photographic eye and snapped off these pics of the boys that I really liked. The colors in the shot of Ethan and Troy are really vivid.

Tyler squirting & CJ taking a break / Ethan & Troy figure -8s

Oregon Coast – First Attempt…


Here is a little vid of our first attempts at kayak surfing in the ocean. This is on the South Jetty near Florence. It definitely turned out to be the ‘Tyler Show’ – he had some of the better rides. These were two short sessions – big learning curve, but next time should be even more fun :-)

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My Favorite Part of Kayaking…



I really liked this picture of my youngest daughter, Paige, who wanted me to work with her on rolling. It was early September, the Gutter was loaded with parents and kids paddling and it was just a great day.

To me, this is what paddling is all about – I may never run a class V, just give me a kid on the river :-)

Also go HERE and check out another Boise youngster, Connor, and his letter to EJ on the Jackson Kayak site.

A Week in Oregon


Oregon CoastWe took off last Thursday and headed for Oregon. Could not have asked for better weather :-)

For the first couple of days we stayed at my in-laws ranch near Glide. We happened to find that one of my Father-in-laws friends across the road paddled and not only that – had a cool surf wave in his back yard on the North Umpqua River. We paddled a few hours with Bruce on Friday. He had an Dagger Freefall which he paddled for a while, then jumped in my Rocker and paddled a bit – even surfed it. Then jumped in Tyler’s 4Fun, the shortest boat he had been in – and really carved up the wave! The water was cool and very clear – great to be on the river during the ‘off season’!

Then on Sunday we hit headed for the coast. Stopped in at our camp site at Honeyman Park just south of Florence. We have never ocean surfed before, so this was all new. Ran up to recon South Jetty and after a couple of calls to WelshKate we had our many questions answered for the most part (I thought of plenty more while I was crawling into my boat)! Thanks Kate!

Monday we parked at the end of the Jetty and hiked about 1/2 mile to a spot that looked good. Pulling boats over the sand has a lot more friction than I thought. Took off somewhat apprehensively into waves that looked to be 4 to 5 feet. Kate’s advice on getting out through the surf helped a lot! The waves were great – Man, I love front surfing :-)

Tuesday we paid the $5 fee and parked at Beach #3 on the Jetty and carried boats over the sand hill – much easier. Waves were either a little bigger or just steeper here – even more fun! After about 1-1/2 hours into it I was wiped out. Started catching edges and know it was time to get out. Had some great rides – a little grinding and 360′s.

I was surprised at some of the differences between river boating and surf kayaking.

- I found it a little more sandy
- The salt water was different to be in. Felt like I had eaten a bag of sunflower seeds after 1/2 hour
- We all found that when a wave is dumping you onto the beach really watch your edge! It’s not fun grinding up the beach for 20 feet on your shoulder and ear ;-)
- There was also a lot of sand.
- There is a wave about every 6 to 9 seconds.
- Lots of sand
- It is pretty shallow! Where we were the waves were breaking at about 6 feet deep, but about 1/2 way in you were in 2 feet of water.
- When the wave hits you it’s like 0 to 30 in .5 seconds
- Pulling your boat in sand is harder than I thought – gear up and carry that sucker!
- Did I mention lots of sand???

It was a great time with a big learning curve. Can’t wait until next year – already making plans! Here are a few pics – I’ll get some video on this weekend…

Carl’s Wave – hard to see with the lighting


Day 1: Pulling boats
Oregon Coast

Oregon Coast

Day 2: Getting Ready
Oregon Coast

Up and over…
Oregon Coast

Troy and Tyler with their Grandpa Teel
Oregon Coast

Fish out of water…
Oregon Coast

Heading out
Oregon Coast

Tough life…
Oregon Coast

Looking for crab
Oregon Coast
Oregon Coast

The whole Tribe :-)
Oregon Coast