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WorldKayak Blogs Just Keep Getting Better…


In case you haven’t noticed, James McBeath has been adding tons of features on the WorldKayak blog site. You can add RSS feeds to your widgets,  edit your CSS code, change your fonts and background – and there is more to come.

Go to your DashBoard (Site Admin) / click on ‘Presentation’ and see what’s new! Check the link above occasionally and keep up on what’s new :-)

Don’t have a WorldKayak blog yet? – Go HERE!

1st in a Series on Paddling Tips From Wesley Bradley


Wesley (of Jackson Action Wagon fame) posted the first on a series of paddling tips – look forward to checking these out as they come in. Check it out HERE!

Also make sure you check out his set up HERE JAW Sweet! :-)

Idaho Rivers United Holding 13th Annual Auction for the Rivers


13th Annual Auction for the Rivers

Saturday, November 17
6:30 p.m. to 10:30 p.m.
Boise Train Depot
2603 Eastover Terrace, Boise
$10 IRU members, $15 general public

Go HERE for more info :-)




How about….

Rafting, paddling, and Canyoning in Costa Rica with Costa Rica Rios (one seat on the IRU Costa Rica Fundraising trip, March 29-April 5)

AIRE inflatable Ocelot

A four-day Beginning Kayak School on the Lower Salmon RIver with OARS

An inflatable kayak from Idaho River Sports

A Middle Fork of the Salmon Trip with Mackey Wilderness River Trips

Idaho Once Again Looking to Force Kayak Registeration


Gov. Butch Otter is once again trying to push a bill requiring non-motorized boater registration. This bill basically pushes the needs of power-boaters (money for access facilities) on those that rarely (if ever) use these points for access.

I have three boats, so at $20 per year I would have to pay $60 every year – and while my boating is advancing, I can only paddle one at a time… This is analogous to requiring you to license your bikes to ride on the road – which would actually make more since considering the road had to be built and the river was already there!

Read this from KayakIdaho to get an idea of what exactly is going on. Also read this AW Article which links to this from KTVB .

Then go HERE AND SIGN THE PETITION!! Or write your legislator soon!

Check out the Payette HSB Gauge!!


Man – rain, rain, rain yesterday. The Payette jumped from 880 CFS to 4200 CFS in 12 hours! The bad news – I’m working today… :-(

Devon Barker Put on a Great Womens Clinic In Boise Tonight!


We had a great turnout at Devon’s  Women and Kayaking clinic tonight. There were about 45 people at her slideshow and talk about the unique aspects of women and paddling. She even let us guys show up :-)

About 55 people turned out for the pool session! Devon did a great job coaching the masses. I was amazed  at how many people she instructed during the evening. I think a lot of gals (and guys) were encouraged and had that boost of confidence that a good instructor can give you.

Devon is off to Spain for more competition next week. Then we are likely going to pester her when we go to Riggins in November – hope she is ready to play tour guide :-)

Devon Barker holding Women in Whitewater Session Oct 5th in Boise



From Devon:

Dear Friends,

Come learn to roll or work on your brace for free at BSU! Oct. 5th! I am holding a video presentation followed by a pool night at BSU. All the details you need are below and in the attachments. I cannot wait to see all of you right before I leave for the Surf Wolds in Spain! You can also check out the info on!

Paddle in Peace, Devon




Spend the evening with not only a renowned kayaker, but also a renowned female kayaker. Devon is the World Surf Kayak Champion, a 2-time National Freestyle Kayak Champion, a National Certified Board Educator, and the creator of Dare to Kayak. Everyone is welcome to watch a slideshow of her incredible adventures on the World Kayak Tour and her other kayak trips around the world. Her story and experiences will inspire female kayakers of all skill level. Then spend a few hours in the pool working on rolling techniques and outfitting kayaks to be more specific to women.

Women and kayaking will be held on Friday, October 5 from 6:00pm until 7:00pm in the Student Recreation Center classroom for the slideshow, and then we will move to the Boise State Pool for rolling techniques from 7pm until 10pm. The cost is free. Don’t forget your water bottle and swimwear.

Contact: Geoff Harrison, Assistant Director for Outdoor Program, (208) 426-2628,

Media Contact: Heather Gribble, Promotions Coordinator for Campus Recreation, (208) 426-5674,

For additional details visit our web-site:

There’s a New Hero On the Horizon – And He Has a Sidekick!


New Hero/SideKickI just saw this on Westley’s Wild World – New Hero/Super Hero and SideKick design is out! This boat looks sweet! Really looks like a blend between a Fun and Rocker.

The best part is the smaller version for kids. I’m sure Troy will be picking up a SideKick this spring :-)

Go to the Jackson Kayak site for all the details.

Idaho River Kids Hit SF of the Payette


For the first time IRK had a group of the more advanced kids on the Payette SF Staircase Run (class IV). Three of the kids had paddled this run before, but for three it was their first time down! Chad made everyone seal-launch down the ramp at the put-in. All of the guys did fantastic. Here is a little video I shot on their way down….

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River Levels to Your Cell Phone!


I’ve been using this for just over a year now and it really comes in handy – river levels that are texted right to your cell. Very handy for those times I forget to check in the morning before I leave… The site is PADDLESPOT.COM - and it tracks over 4,300 rivers! Check it out.