The Weekend and Idaho Fires Cranking Back Up…


We had a great run on the Cabarton section of the Payette Sunday! Tyler, Troy, Shaun, Zech and I hit the water at 10:30 and had excellent, smoke-free weather :-)


Here is a pic of Troy and Shaun in the foreground, with Tyler and Zech in the right background behind Shaun. We ran a ways with a guy running an open canoe and another guy that just moved up from Phoenix. Had a good time chatting with them.

Idaho FiresSouth Western Idaho had some rain a week ago that really helped with most of the fires in our area of the state, but now the hot, dry weather has returned and the fires are cranking back up. Red dot’s on the pic are activity within the last 24 hours.

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  1. billygoat says:

    Hey Gary, I’m the guy from Phx you met on the Cabarton run. I managed to lose your email address and don’t see it anywhere here. How do I find it? Thanks.

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