Two Left Feet and a Camp Robber


P9251772 (Large)Sometimes if you make it to the put-in and have all your gear your doing pretty good. So Troy and I show up this morning at the put-in for the Cabarton Section on the Payette and he realizes that he has indeed brought two booties, but they are both left feet, and better yet, one is his size  8 and the other is his sisters size 6.  Ha, and he gave me a hard time our last trip to KWP whenI forget my helmet and became a spectator.

The Cabarton is one of my favorite runs and in September or early spring it is likely that you will not see anyone else on the river. There were no cars at the put-in and nobody at the take-out when we finished up -  Eleven miles of back country river to ourselves.

P9251777 (Large)At our lunch beach above WetSpot we had little chipmunk in my drybag trying to gets some of our cookies. Not a shy bone in his little body as our movement didn’t really seem to bother him, obviously having made out well during the summer as a beggar. We saw an osprey hit the water after a trout, always a spectacular site.

The flows are about 1070 right now, and this is as low as I’ve run it. Still good and fun, but watch out for shallow doming rocks :-D

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