Devon Barker Checks In…Looks Like Rain!


Motoko&DevonI got three updates from Devon yesterday – weather looks a lot like it is here in Idaho right now!!

Update – 1
I love Motoko’s  Star in the colors of their flag from Japan.  Here are some photos from paddling in Augsburg together.  We wanted to surf this morning but the wave is flooded.

When I got to the wave this morning I had to walk to the river in my mud boots where the water was almost over the top of my boots.  The river is expected to peak midday Friday. I will posting flooding pictures of the Isar River here in Plattling soon.


Update – 2
Rain, Rain, and even more Rain seems to be the theme of the second World Cup event here in Germany.  The wave is really neat as 20 or more  paddlers can paddle at the same time.  The rain has not stopped so I do not have any photos or video to share of the wave.  I do have a photo of our rainy camp and a slug.  Slugs are everywhere and our campsite flooded.  All the tents were moved to the other side of the levy. We then moved into a hotel.  The river is suppose to peak midday on Thursday.

Cheers from rainy Germany- Emery, Kat, and Devon

Update – 3
The water is now expected to peak on Friday afternoon.  Here are some photos from the site this morning.  The picture of Dane looping is from last week to show how high the water level is now.  I am standing on the same platform that was about 4 foot out of the water when I took the photo of Dane.  Hope to kayak soon.  Devon

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