Devon Barker Checkin’ in from Washing Machine


Dane loopingThe First four days in Germany-five training sessions, one hotel, one campground, one car wreck, and a holiday. Emery and I arrived to Germany with no problems until we pulled into the parking lot of the Eiskanal, only to find our car being backed into, a great way to start our trip. The next morning we met up with Kat Levitt. We were excited after our two sessions in washing machine on the Eiskanal. It is a super fast hole with crazy eddies. We decided to head to Platlting, so we could train there without a crowd. While driving there people would fly past you.  We were going about 140km but it seemed that we were the slow pokes.

We thank Peter and Nina from Slovakia, for giving us directions to the hole as I do not think we would have found it without them. The hole in Platttling is so nice, and the eddy is even better. You can do almost every move in the hole. EJ was doing some awesome combos, and everyone was going HUGE. It was great to be able to train with EJ and Dane and have the hole basically all to ourselves. We are heading back to the Washing Machine hole and the “ washing machine” eddies.

Next day
We will finally be able to go grocery shopping.  The stores are closed on Sunday and Monday was a holiday.  We did find an awesome coffee shop.  As long as I have coffee all is well.  Lenka from CZ arrives  tomorrow.    Yoko is here from Japan and the rest of Team Japan arrives today.  We are camping between Marsha from Russia and Chris from the UK. I enjoy meeting everyone from around the world at these international events and being reunited with my  friends.  Truly, the best part.


Devon Barker, Emery Tillman, and Kat Levitt ( Emery is not driving this time)

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