Devon Barker, 103 Kids and a Whitewater Fieldtrip


Troy and Tyler at KWPDARE to kayak field trip for 103 kids!

Emery Tillman, and Troy and Tyler Wilson helped me with my DARE to kayak field trips. Brent Lafay and I took the third and sixth graders from New Meadows to Zim’s the local hot springs, to learn to kayak for the first time. This was part of the Idaho curriculum for drug free and safe schools, and lifetime sports. I shared my Dare to Kayak video with the kids to show them my passion for kayaking and to steer them away from drug and alcohol abuse. Emery presented on her trip to the 2009 Freestyle Kayaking World Championships and showed all of the gear needed for kayaking. The next day Troy and Tyler met us at Zim’s where we taught the students to wet exit, and their forward, back, and sweep strokes.  The next day we had 73 more kids from Cascade and McCall  joined us for a field trip Kelly’s Whitewater Park (KWP).

At KWP the students had three stations, which consisted of fish and water quality a tour of the welcome center that over looks the play park, and kayaking demonstrations from Tyler, Troy, and Emery. They had over thirty students at a time cheering them on as they surfed in the park. When the field trip ended Emery and I began the seven-hour drive to Missoula, Montanan for the Best in the West rodeo and train with Karl Moser.

In route along the Salmon River (With Emery Driving)

Devon Barker

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