Devon Barker Checks In From ‘Best in the West’


crowd of peopleThis past weekend was the Best in the West competition held in Missoula, Montana also to be where 2010 USA Team Trials will be held. There are two features in the play park that are side by side, one is Brennan’s wave proper and the other Brennan’s hole. The competition was held on Brennan’s wave, in conjunction with World Class Kayak Academy’s graduation. In addition to the rodeo and graduation ceremony, they also had a sustainable energy fair going on in the park by the river. The finalists rides included entry moves, McNasty’s, split wheels,  cartwheels, front and back blunts, and loops. When you weren’t competing you could play in the hole where every move was possible, and Emery Tillman got her first huge air loop with her new over thruster in her star.

I finally got the coveted belt buckle for winning Best in the West! The finals results:


  1. KB / Kevin Brown
  2. Karl Moser
  3. Luke Rieker


  1. Devon Barker
  2. Erin Clancy
  3. Alley Fontenot

Junior Men

1.     Olin Wimberg

2.     Quinton Barnett

3.     Seth Stoenner

Junior Women:

  1. Emery Tillman
  2. Hannah Kertesz
  3. Ashley  ( 10 years of age)

We cannot wait to go back to Missoula for team trials. The two nearest hotels are the Holiday Inn Downtown, which is right on the river within walking distance to the wave and is offering a discount when you mention team trials. The other hotel is the Days Inn, which is two blocks off of the river. The phone number for the Holiday Inn is 406-721-8550 and the Days Inn number is 406-543-7221.

A great place close to the wave for gear, and checking out the latest videos is KB and Luke’s Kayak shop StrongWater located just across the bridge from the park.

Devon Barker and Emery Tillman

Live from the scenic drive on the Lochsa ( Emery around 2 on her learners permit)

Photos credited to Rocky Mountain Keen

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