Idaho River Kids get Swift Water Safety Training this Wednesday.


RapidPirate!One of the biggest boosts to the kids confidence is learning to swim class II/III rapids. Once that stigma is gone it really opens up the door to progress. It’s funny to watch the first couple of class II’s when they have them jump from the raft into the river – there are a lot of tentative jumpers. About half way down the run on the Main Payette, the kids are jumping a nanosecond after being told to ‘Abandon Ship’! Several of us will run as safety boaters so it’s a safe learning environment. Below is a short clip I did a couple of years ago on Safety Night.

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  1. Jennifer says:

    Great to see the swim practice :-) That is a hoot to see all of the little helmets bobbing in the water and know that the kids are learning how to handle a swim when/if it happens.

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