Another Weekend on the Lower Salmon


salmon_peace4.jpgSince Tyler and I had such a blast last weekend I snagged Troy and we drove to Riggins on Friday for an overnighter on the Salmon. Alot of checking stuff out so we have a better feel for what we want to hit this fall.

First we hit couch even though it was about 1K from being ‘in’, and it wasn’t great, but still could catch a little surf in more of a hole.

Then ran back down the road to hit Peace Wave (Pic above isĀ  Troy on Peace). It was about 500cfs on the high side, but still could catch some nice soul surfing. Troy caught some really nice rides. Hard to do moves on at 6.5K, but should be great fun at 5.5K-ish! But at this level you could front surf all day. The only catch to this sweet wave is the ‘eddie’ – which is actually just slower water that extends only about 50′ below the wave. Miss that and you catch the eddie below and make the short walk back up. I wasn’t sure, but turns out it’s woth the walks – I only made the first eddy once :-P

salmonr_camp.jpgSpent the night on a sandy beach – just threw our bags out and had a great night under the stars.

Saturday Morning we tried Machine Wave. Machine was at the top end of ‘in’ and was more of a fast ledge-hole. We each took a couple of spins and then decided to spend the rest of the time on Peace Wave.

So ready to go back already, I’m hooked on the lower Salmon!
salmon_machine1.jpg Machine Wave
salmon_peace6.jpg Peace Wave
salmon_peace1.jpg Peace Wave

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