First Run Down Grandjean Section of the SF Payette


Sacajawea Putin - Grandjean IdahoSaturday my boys and I ran the Grandjean section of the Payette’s South Fork from Sacajawea Hot Springs to just north of Warm Springs Creek near Bonneville Hot Springs. Excellent section and pretty remote – totally different than the Main or Cabarton runs. We paddled about 7.25 miles chocked full of class II / III rapids, saw elk and eagles, really a fun day with the boys! Bonnie and the girls dropped us off at the putin and it was great to watch the girls play in the hot springs.


The section from Sacajawea Hot Springs to the bridge at Wapiti is a fun creek style run. Then it alternates between narrow and wider sections with lots of blind turns to keep you on your toes watching for wood. All in all it is pretty busy in a kayak between eddy hopping, scouting downstream and dodging rocks.

We had three portages for logjams – all in the first 4 miles (above the confluence with Canyon Creek.) A couple of places we could skirt around a slot 3 feet wide that the tree didn’t cover. Definitely road scout what you can and really watch for wood on the way down.

I guess logs tend to pile up in the rapid at Canyon Creek – you can road scout that right after you cross the bridge on the gravel road (NFD 524)to Granjean. There is a pullout abut 50 yards past the bridge. Walk out on the point of rocks and check out the walled out, narrow section.

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