Adding Thigh Brace Tabs To Your Jackson


After they redesigned the back band, my only complaint about any of my Jackson boats was the thigh brace pads. You know what I’m talking about – it peels of and adheres it’s self to your leg hair and reduces you to tears and makes you scream like a little girl…

Well – this year JK solved that with some great little tabs you can install yourself. Chuck at Alpenglow Mountainsport set me up with some to check out. At about $2 per boat I’m going to outfit all my boats with them. It’s easy to do – no rocket science here, but a couple of tips will help.

1. Drill a pilot hole fore and aft of the cleat. Leave ample room to the edge as you will enlarge these holes in a sec. Make sure you go through the plastic and the thigh padding with the pilot drill.

Your pilot holes should look something like this

2. Now drill you holes to size using a 5/16″ drill bit. Try to get through the plastic only with this bit. If you slip up and go through the pad it doesn’t seem to be the end of the world as the pad tends to stretch around the bit, but I wanted to keep the pad hole as small as possible.

3. Now here is where I would have screwed up were it not for Chucks advice – I would have placed the finished, smooth tab with the post in from the top, but it goes up through the bottom. The little ‘belly button’ looking one goes in from the top. This allows for more surface area on the pad below.

4. Sweet – all done. Takes about 5 minutes and now you can shout all manly down the rapid rather than squeal.

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