Boise Hometown Throwdown is Thursday the 16th


Our first Boise Throwdown is this Thursday – April 16th! What is a Throwdown?
The Hometown Throwdown is quite simple… EASY, FUN and RELAXING.  We took all the modern whitewater freestyle rules and tossed them.  We’re not pros!  What we now have is a simple rodeo to set up, super simple scoring and a ton of great prizes.  We designed this format to bring the fun back into a community competitive event.

This year’s sponsors include:

  • Jackson Kayaks – DVDs, schwag
  • Smith Optics – Sunglasses
  • Crocs – sandals
  • Immersion Research – clothing and schwag
  • Mountain Khakis – pants
  • Salus – schwag and lifevests
  • Nuun – energy drinks, schwag
  • Shred Ready – helmets and schwag
  • And More

Prizes are never given away to winners – but raffled off to everyone who participates.  We reward participation and it is thanks to all these sponsors that we are able to do so!
For the most part, this is a bunch of folks getting together. The end result is the revitalization of the simple playspot.  We are back to trying out the next move, not so we can be the hot boater, but just to be able to do the moves… playboating is FUN.  Its also fun to have an event like this to encourage us to push our limits playing…

Please check out the latest Throwdown dates and to register online for one in your area at

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