Hot Springs Roll Sessions Are Sweet!


After all my whining late last week about the snow – the weekend was awesome with lots of sun and temps in the mid 60s. Plans to check out a run on the upper section of the Middle Fork of the Payette was thwarted by snowy roads, but we did catch a nice roll session in Garden Valley/Crouch Idaho on Sunday evening. Several local kids were there and they were impressive. Nice to see these local kids accessing all that the river has to offer, not many of the youth in Horseshoe Bend do – yet (we’re working on them) :-)

Roll sessions in a hot spring are a treat. I’ve been fortunate to hit a few during the winters and it is really the way to go! For the month of April and the first week or two of May they are having roll sessions in Garden Valley/Crouch on Sundays at 4pm – 6pm. If you are in Boise it is worth the drive. Drive to Banks – right on the Banks Loman Hwy and turn to Crouch on Middle Fork Road. About 3 miles up is a left at the sign to Terrace Lakes. Cost if $5 for the pool. Feel free to CONTACT ME for any questions.

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