Guys – Choose Your Wife Carefully


I most definitely ‘married up’ as they say. But the icing on the cake is that her dad, Phil, is a welder :-) . Over Christmas we went to Oregon and spent the holidays with my in-laws. I took over a couple of motorcycle wheels I had acquired and my boys and I worked with Phil and whipped together this little gem – a kayak trailer! I put 66″ bars on it, so I think I can get about 5 hardshells on it.

Anyway, I’m pretty jazzed about using it this summer. It will also be able to be pulled by the 4-wheeler, so Troy can pull it to the gutter this summer. Should improve fuel milage on road trips as well since we are hoping to make it to Reno in May and hit Oregons North Umpqua River in mid-June.

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