Payette’s Cabarton Section


[singlepic=103,320,240,,left] If your in Idaho and looking for a great class III+ run, or are looking for a little more punch than the Main, check out the Cabarton Section on the Payette’s North Fork. This run is mostly remote, only joining the road for the last 2 miles of this 10 mile run. Rapids include Tresstle, WetSpot, Randy’s Rock, 99, Francois, and Howards Plunge.

The water of the Payette’s NF is very warm as it pours over the top of the Cascade Dam. The first two miles are populated by a few small class II’s until you get to Tresstle Rapids. After this long set of wave-trains there is another couple of miles of slower water until you get to WetSpot (look for great lunch spots in this area!)

After WetSpot it is pretty busy water all the way through Howards. This part of the river meets back up with the road and passes under the beautiful Rainbow Bridge. After running Howards sit back for a slow cruise for the last mile to the takeout at Cougar Mt. Lodge (Cost is $5/vehicle but you can also park at the turnout at Howards.)

Check out the map of the run HERE!
Gauge info can be found HERE!

A short clip of Howards Plunge
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2 Responses to “Payette’s Cabarton Section”

  1. andrewc says:

    I did this run for the first time two weeks ago. The rapids are a blast! Lots of fun wavetrains in the later rapids. Felt like a TON of flatwater to get there though. Do you know if there’s anywhere to put in closer to Trestle Rapid?

  2. Gary Wilson says:

    There is a 4-wheeler trail down the west side, but otherwise there are no roads until you get to Rainbow Bridge. Bear Valley does a train trip and they drop you off just above Trestle. So just make sure you have good (or cute) paddle partners to talk with for those long flat sections :-)

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