Bladder Wave!


[singlepic=58,360,240,,left]Well, it’s in! I’m waiting on my new SuperStar to arrive, so I took Tyler out for his first run on the Bladder Wave tonight. My friend Link brought his raft and we paddled it out to the dam and he, mike and I caught some nice pics of the action from our cushy front row seat :-)

Regional Jackson paddler Mark Cecchini was seriously stomping the wave – check him out here in these pics in his green AllStar. Enjoy

[singlepic=57,160,120,,left] [singlepic=60,160,120,,] [singlepic=59,160,120,,left] [singlepic=63,160,120,,] [singlepic=62,160,120,,left] [singlepic=61,160,120,,] [singlepic=68,160,120,,left]

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  1. Kate Howell says:

    Gary, looks like a great wave…maybe i’ll have to make the trek over and check it out!

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