Payettes Bladder Dam Deflated Friday May 16th.


I talked with the manager of the Horseshoe Bend Power plant tonight and he said they are going to deflate the bladder dam Friday morning. This means that the gutter is not surfable and the bladder wave will
NOT be in. He was not sure when they would re inflate the dam on Friday afternoon and said it could be down for several days. Here is a link to their page with info on deflation schedules Go to the bottom of the page! :

As of about midnight this is how it reads :

“Very high flow conditions are predicted for the Payette River for the
next days. In order to prevent the plant structure from being sanded
up the hydroelectric plant operation will be momentarily stopped.

Please note that the Rubber Dam of the HBHC power plant will be
lowered tomorrow May16th, 2008 and could be down for the next couple
days. Most of the river water will flow in the main river channel
over the deflated rubber dam.”

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