Sunday Morning Pool Session – 11/18


Rocky Mountain Roll SessionWe had something like 11 boats by 11am – great fun with lots of kids. Link worked with a friend of CJ’s on rolling. CJ and Brindi were really hitting rolls well!

Mike Moser and Ben showed up and were coaching a bunch of us on stern stalls. Tyler, Troy and I made some good progress with their help. Shawn was hitting some nice bow stalls. Marty showed up with his Hero, but ended up trying out Mikes SuperStar – he will be throwing ends before I am…

Mike needs to learn that his boat can actually float flat in the water – most of the time he is in a stern or bow stall :-)

Here are a few shots from the morning. My camera had a little fog issue…. Great to see everyone!

Brindi / Link teaching rolls

Brindi Learning to Roll

How to find Mike – look for a boat on end / Mike throwing clean cartwheels

The usual view of Mike Mike hitting clean cartwheels

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