Devon Barker Put on a Great Womens Clinic In Boise Tonight!


We had a great turnout at Devon’sĀ  Women and Kayaking clinic tonight. There were about 45 people at her slideshow and talk about the unique aspects of women and paddling. She even let us guys show up :-)

About 55 people turned out for the pool session! Devon did a great job coaching the masses. I was amazedĀ  at how many people she instructed during the evening. I think a lot of gals (and guys) were encouraged and had that boost of confidence that a good instructor can give you.

Devon is off to Spain for more competition next week. Then we are likely going to pester her when we go to Riggins in November – hope she is ready to play tour guide :-)

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3 Responses to “Devon Barker Put on a Great Womens Clinic In Boise Tonight!”

  1. linkj says:

    Thanks Devon for making the effort. In the midst of coaching a big group of beginners, Devon still had time to show a group of kayak crazed kids how to do a back deck roll move that they all managed to pick up quickly. My doughter Brindi found a great roll model in Devon. It is good for kids to have such giving and talented people to look up to. Good luck in Spain Devon! LJ

  2. linkj says:

    Gary, I forgot to thank you. You achieved a big thing in getting 11 year old Shea Brennan to do her first roll in Devon’s old pink Hero. Almost got Kelly Mcleod right side up also. Nice!

  3. Gary Wilson says:

    Man, it was so cool to see Shea pick that up so quick! Kids are like sponges. And Kelly is going to have it in another session or two – I see her trucking down the river with us this summer :-)

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