Highlights of 2011

Its been a pretty big year this year. I would certainly say that my best kayaking moment in 2011 was hucking the middle Palguin waterfall. Its a 70 footer near Pucon in Chile which the local boys said I was the second female kayaker after Mariann to have run… Great feeling running it and looking back up with the adrenalin pumping!

A particularly funny/ hairy moment of 2011 was the Pan-Am that I managed to do off oneof the slides on the Nevados in Chile, also near Pucon…  I was certainly worried about whether I was going to land on my head or not… Apparently the line I took was the “main line” according to the boys, but I didn´t realise that they all paddled the chicken shoot!

As ever, my summer highlight was a trip to Norway, where I had an awesome week, although there were some pretty epic waterlevels! I managed to finally get a gold winners t-shirt by winning the “horgi ned” competition – a team race with downhill mountain biking and kayaking… with me doing the kayaking section obviously!

The British festivals proved as fun as ever as well…. Wet West paddlefest going off in style. Cant wait to see what 2012 has to offer! happy new year!

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