Upper Palguin



 We are now basing ourselves around Pucon – and the local run here is a short but sweet section called the Upper Palguin. As with everything in Chile it is super picturesque and has a waterfall on it! These are a few select pictures from our first run on it.

Apart from that we have visited the local drinking establishment called Mamas & Tapas. Watched the Demshitz run the middle Palguin (a 70 foot waterfall). Other rivers in the area which we have managed to get on are the lower Liacura (class 3 medium volume float), the Maichin (class 4- boulder gardens with one portage),  the Magic Canyon of the Liacura (class 4 with one massive horrific portage and another easier portage), the Truful Truful (non stop class 3 rapids with around 3 eddies in 9km).



Photos: Tom Redd

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