Nepal – Wrap Up

Local villagers gather to wave goodbye as we leave in the morning

A month goes by quickly in Nepal, and we finished off by doing the ueber-classic of the Sun Kosi. It is a beautiful river – mainly class three. We decided to do a lightly packed multi-day and stop off in the evenings to see if we could persuade whoever lived in the local village to provide us with Dhal Bhat. The Nepal-English language cards I had been given by a friend proved invaluable for getting us food wherever we went! Since most of the commercial trips have raft support, and there is no road alongside the river, most of the villagers very rarely see tourists. As a result we were quite the novelty, and it really felt like we were seeing the “real” ┬áNepal – and getting a good bit of culture!

Sara and I help the village children shell lentils for our Dhal Bhat dinner


Upper Seti close-up!

After a 24 hour bus journey back from the Sun Kosi (!) I did a Bhote Kosi float trip as a safety boater for a raft trip (dam down), since no one else was keen to paddle. Then we met up with Matt Tidy and he and Jake joined us one of the most superb runs around, the Bhote Kosi (Borderlands to the dam). Continuous class 4(+) with lots of big holes and boulder garden style drops.

I had a brilliant time, goodbye Nepal!


More Upper Seti Close up!


Sara on the Sun Kosi

Photos by Sara James and Adam Dumolo

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