Wet West Paddle Fest 2008

The Wet West Paddle Fest is held in Fort William in memory of Andy Jackson. British paddlers from all corners of the isles congregate to make the most of dam release rivers and a big party!

There are dam releases on the Garry and the Morriston. We had done a fly-by-night Friday night to Sunday night visit, and so we paddled these rivers as well as the mighty Etive. The Etive is a classic Scottish run that has a number of great drops, culminating in a 6 metre waterfall at the end!


Boring James rips it up on triple step on the Etive

Local boy Tom Brown shows us how its done on Right Angle Falls on the Etive

I have a go too!

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  1. mike says:


    Ive just een your blog! Nice shots. See you in kiwi land. Im waiting for summre, and paddling to begin again!



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