Slave River Big Air Competition (The Edge King Throwdown)


Time: Tuesday, July 26 ยท 12:00pm – 3:00pm

Location: Fort Smith, NWT

Are you attending?

More Info: It’s going to be about 3/4 days before Paddlefest (July 26th & 27th) starts so we can go out into the river and not have to worry about spectators. This will be an event by boaters for boaters. The feature we use for the competition will be based on the water levels that week/ day. This could be any number of places. The Edge, Sweet Spot, Rollercoaster, Rockem Sockem (not likely unless the water is uber low), Monster Schizer, Outrageous, No 1,2,3 wave, or something crazy like Pelican (if we ever figure out how to catch it consistently).

There’s 1000 bucks in prize money (maybe more) split by the top three, and a crown with the words “Edge King,” written on there going to the top spot.

After consultation with the kayak community here’s the rules we’ve decided on. We chose to follow rules similar to that of the White Nile’s Festival. These rules tend to promote people trying to go really big, to try new things, as opposed to safe moves. The rules with also level the playing field somewhat and allow for more people to have a chance at the top spots. Anyways the rules…

It doesn’t matter if you flush or not, this point system is to promote going huge and to the progression of freestyle. It is based on a 5 point system where your 3 best tricks count.

-0.5 point tricks
shove its

-1 point tricks

-2 point tricks
back roundhouse
donkey flip/ silly flip
flip turn

-3 point tricks
pan am
flash back(back blunt)

-4 point tricks
Back Pan am
pistol flip/ mc nasty

-5 point tricks
-trophy moves Ex. wave monkey, Bear screw

This is the basic point breakdown for each move, but bonus points are awarded as well


stuck(stayed on wave) -1 point

Big – 1 point
Huge -2 points
*big and huge are up to the discretion of the judges

linked -1 point, added to the sum of the two moves done

Clean -1 point, with the exception of 0.5 point moves where they are awarded 0.5

Also you can only score once for a move (we will score your best of that move though).

Heres a couple of examples

back pan am- big to stuck

4 point trick
1 point big
1 point stuck

total of 6 points

-Clean Spin- stuck

0.5 point trick
0.5 point clean
1 point stuck

total of 2 points

-Kay- y (blunt to pistol flip)- flushed

2 point trick(blunt)
4 point trick (pistol flip)
1 point link

total of 7 points

Heats are done with groups of paddlers in a session for 30 minutes (or longer depending on the feature) to narrow down on finalists for a final heat. You only get 30 seconds on the wave 45 (or longer depending on the feature) if you are doing tricks, someone will be blowing a whistle at you when your time is up.

Other prizes include best beatdown, best single trick, and maybe a smattering of others like smoothest style, most erratic style, a random “you’re great/ terrible have a prize,” prize.

more details coming soon

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