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Slave River, Northwest Territories

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CBC News

After shelving the project more than 20 years ago, industry is once again looking at hydro development on the Slave River on the N.W.T.- Alberta border.   Click here to read the article.

Slave River Paddle Fest – hosted on the August long weekend this event was one of the best ever!  Warm water, gentle play features and lots of fun activities for kids, families and kayakers of all levels.  Saturday began with a morning of kids games and activities aimed at children and youth ages 5-17 followed by an afternoon of more kayak games, down river races and a World Kayak Throwdown.

Why has it taken me so long to post such a great event on the Throwdown website?  Well, the truth is I was suffering through a massive ear and sinus infection that kept me lying low for the past week.  Stay tuned for more photos of Slave River paddling adventures for this coming week!

There are 2 main clubs in the Northwest Territories.  The NWT Kayak Association is home to the Fort Smith Paddling Club and the Somba Ke Paddling Club.  Over the last few years these two clubs have worked hard to celebrate the Slave River which is in danger of becoming dammed for hydro electricity.

Event Results

Event Name: Western Canada Throwdown #3 09'
Event Region: Yukon/NWT

Event Date: August 1st, 2009 @ 8:00pm
All times are localized to the event location.

Men's K-1A Class
Men's Results
Place Paddler Event Points Ranking Points**
1st Johan Madsen 38 N/A
2nd Shane Kreoger 32 N/A
3rd Steve Hatch 11 N/A
4th Greg Kosztinka 33 N/A
5th Larry Sparks 35 N/A
6th John Rathwell 42 N/A
7th John Blyth 39 N/A
8th Sean Allen 64 N/A
9th Leif Anderson 97 N/A
10th Eric Howey 26 N/A
11th Peter Thompson 37 N/A
12th Ben Linaker 51 N/A
13th Brad Dudinsky 63 N/A
14th Sonny Santos 11 N/A
Men's K-1B Class
15th Bryan Chruszcz 13 N/A
16th Theo van Zigl 11 N/A
16th Adam Lindenburger 11 N/A
18th Leon Brady 4 N/A
19th Jeff Macpherson 3 N/A
Women's K-1A Class
20th Roni Wolach 18 N/A
21st Laani Uunila 14 N/A
22nd Jacqui Whitehead 11 N/A
23rd Christina MacDonald 3 N/A
24th Alyssa Bird 4 N/A
25th April Cooper 5 N/A
26th Ella Mawdsley 3 N/A
Women's Results
Place Paddler Event Points Ranking Points**
1st saskia 0 N/A
2nd Genevieve Cote 9 N/A
3rd kirsten 5 N/A
Juniors Class
Men's Results
Place Paddler Event Points Ranking Points**
1st Riley Tower 7 N/A
2nd Angus Jenkins 12 N/A

** Denotes points earned towards the World Kayak Throwdown Amateur Ranking Program.

If you have not selected the ranking option when registering for an event, you may either do so when you register for an event, or you can Get Ranked Now, and claim the points you have already earned!

Next Event
Survivor Slalom #4 & Chilliwack Cup #2 – Saturday August 16 at 3:00 pm
Tamihi Rapid on the Chilliwack River, Chilliwack, BC
Paddling Ability – all levels beginner to advanced
River Location – eddies and waves; river access

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