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WK Throwdown #2 – Results from Boulder Run

Event Results

Event Name: Western Canada Throwdown #2 09'
Event Region: Alberta

Event Date: July 3rd, 2009 @ 2:00am
All times are localized to the event location.

Men's K-1B Class
Men's Results
Place Paddler Event Points Ranking Points**
1st Wayne Erdos 9 N/A
Women's K-1A Class
Women's Results
Place Paddler Event Points Ranking Points**
1st saskia 27 N/A
Juniors Class
Men's Results
Place Paddler Event Points Ranking Points**
1st Ethan Kutanzi 6 N/A
2nd Anthony Gibson 13 N/A
3rd Cooper Isaac 17 N/A

** Denotes points earned towards the World Kayak Throwdown Amateur Ranking Program.

If you have not selected the ranking option when registering for an event, you may either do so when you register for an event, or you can Get Ranked Now, and claim the points you have already earned!

Another great day in Southern Alberta.  The second World Kayak Throwdown event in Western Canada was held at the Boulder Run on the Oldman River near Pincher Creek.

Supported by High Level Canoes and Kayaks, I spent the day paddling the Highwood River near Longview, Alberta with a few of their staff – Cooper Isaac and Anthony Gibson.  In the evening we gathered below the Oldman Dam to offer a playboating clinic before the event.

A little bit about High Level Canoes and Kayaks:  Based out of Lethbridge, Alberta this store is relatively new on the paddling scene.  Their enthusiasm and warmth is iminent when they greet customers in the shop and they seem to be creating a huge influence on developing the grassroots of whitewater paddling.  What sets this shop apart?  They are not only a retailer, but also a kayak school that must take responsibility for growing the sports participation numbers.  Ultimately they are spreading the paddle sports virus to this vast area of Southern Alberta!  Their school programs range from kids camps to lake and river kayaking; drop in for a visit and see what they are all about.  Visit them online at High Level Canoes and Kayaks.

Cooper on the top wave.

The ATCO Power Dam just above the main wave.

One of the many drops on the Highwood River.

One of 4 canyons on the Highwood River.

Welcome to Southern Alberta wildlife…bears in cow costumes.

Alberta Whitewater Association
High Level Canoes and Kayaks
Paddle Performance Kayak School
Pinch -O-Crow Creekers

Next Event
Throwdown #3 – Saturday August 1 at 1:00 pm
Playground Rapid on the Slave River, Fort Smith, NT
Paddling Ability – all levels beginner to advanced
River Location – eddies and large pools; river access

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