Chilliwack Cup #1 – Throwdown Results

Another awesome weekend on the Chilliwack River! With the second of three World Kayak Throwdowns, this Sunday afternoon was the inaugrual Chilliwack Cup.  The afternoon began with a river run for those interested and was capped by the first of two Chilliwack Cup events hosted at the Pointa Vista Wave.

What are the FUNdamentals behind these World Kayak Throwdowns? It is not about the event, the best paddlers, the free schwag, online registration, the fatest rides or who did what. These events serve to promote grassroots paddling from a sport and participant perspective and we are excited to be bringing all the fun to you, the paddler who may be new to the sport or experienced. Next event is June 25; Survivor Slalom at Rundle Canal, Canmore, Alberta.

Event Results

Event Name: Chilliwack Cup #1
Event Region: British Columbia

Event Date: June 14th, 2009 @ 10:00pm
All times are localized to the event location.

Men's K-1A Class
Men's Results
Place Paddler Event Points Ranking Points**
1st David Vanderhock 62 N/A
2nd Mat Van Laer 48 N/A
3rd Patrick Leinhard 42 N/A
4th Kay Uwe Konojacki 68 N/A
Men's K-1B Class
5th Jeff Cowen 20 N/A
6th mmikes 48 N/A
Women's K-1A Class
Women's Results
Place Paddler Event Points Ranking Points**
1st Stefanie Pemble 38 N/A
2nd Laura Deners 36 N/A

** Denotes points earned towards the World Kayak Throwdown Amateur Ranking Program.

If you have not selected the ranking option when registering for an event, you may either do so when you register for an event, or you can Get Ranked Now, and claim the points you have already earned!

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