Results for Survivor Slalom #1

Thursday evening was the first Survivor Slalom of the season.  Hosted at Deerfoot Meadows in Calgary this proved to be the beginnings of a recreational slalom paddling group that is keen to use this paddling discipline as a means to improving skill.  A short clinic prior to each paddler completing two timed runs down the course enabled everyone to become familiar with the course and learn some paddling technique that will help improve river running skills.

The stage has been set for our next Survivor Slalom event in late June.  Next week will be the 3rd slalom paddling session on the Kananaskis River as a recreational slalom paddling program evolves in the Calgary and Canmore areas.

Most know slalom as being the highly competitive and technical Olympic sport.  Don’t let that turn you away.  These events are fun, safe and focus on connecting that relationship between the technical precision required of slalom and its transfer to paddling rapids on a river.

Next Events

Chilliwack Cup #1 June 14 at Chilliwack, BC

Survivor Slalom #2 June (dates TBD) at Canmore, Alberta

Throwdown #2, July 4 at Lundbreck, Alberta

Event Results

Event Name: Western Canada Survivor Slalom #1 09'
Event Region: Alberta

Event Date: May 29th, 2009 @ 1:30am
All times are localized to the event location.

Men's K-1A Class
Men's Results
Place Paddler Event Points Ranking Points**
1st mikebike 151 N/A
2nd dans 157 N/A
3rd Glen Carpenter 186 N/A
4th Chip Powell 134 N/A
Men's K-1B Class
5th foxy 199 N/A
Women's K-1A Class
6th melissap 190 N/A
Women's Results
Place Paddler Event Points Ranking Points**
1st saskia 134 N/A

** Denotes points earned towards the World Kayak Throwdown Amateur Ranking Program.

If you have not selected the ranking option when registering for an event, you may either do so when you register for an event, or you can Get Ranked Now, and claim the points you have already earned!

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