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Cup of the North

Where: Edmonton Alberta

Team: Cottonwood Kayak Club; Mac, Jesse and Hanna, Ashley, Levi, Ryley and Saskia

Favorite Moment: Learning to paddle with a 90 degree offset

I played my first Canoe Polo Tournament ever!  I’ve played Yukon Polo in the past which is super fun too.  The game is played in 2 ten minute halves; teams switch ends in between halves and each half begins with a sprint to get the ball.  The best part; its full on contact.  The worst part; its hard on glass boats!  I borrowed (hehehe) with the intent to destroy and conquor in all the games I played.

My team mates were from Cottonwood Kayak Club.  They were short a player so they lowered their standards and let me on their team.  Thanks guys!  I spent Friday night learning about the game and playing a little scrimmage.  I have to say, its hard for a slalom paddler to crash into boats and players, but once I got the hang of it I found it very satisfying.

Canoe Polo is like all paddle sports.  There seems to be a common aire or theme amongst participants that does not happen in all sports.  No matter how competitive we get; every player/paddler looks out for each other and is really supportive.  So supportive we even shared bottles of I AM BROKEN (IBUPROFEN) a.k.a. vitamin I!

I only had one disagreement that whole weekend.  I was informed that this was a great retirement (from racing) sport.  What?!  Are you joking?!  I spent 19 years training to go as fast as I could for 90 seconds; not 20 minutes where I stop and start 400 times, get piledrived and pushed over.  Thank you very much, but I was more sore than I have ever been in slalom.  Freestyle…now that’s a different story all together.

The Game

The Scrimmage

The Mascot…not as cute as Scotty and Hagat, but he has exceptional ball handling skills and he paddles a kayak!  Boys, you have some serious dog training to do.

Another dog park…this one was awesome!  Really big.


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