The metamorphosis is complete and I feel closer to my caveman self; hairy, sketch, and reeking of previous meals. Watermelon lingers sweetly on a moustache. Chili not so much.

I would like to take this last opportunity to recognize the hero that influenced me the most in this competition(other than Milt Aiken and the “inconceivable” Sicilian from the Princess Bride) the world renowned magician Doug Henning. You may remember him from the muppet show where his many hair afflictions allowed him to blend seamlessly with Jim Henson’s creations. His catch phrase was, “anything is possible in the world of illusion.” You’ve got to respect an epic butt cut with A-frame stache over bedazzled Sgt-Peppers jacket.

Bravo IR for sponsoring this battle royale! I thank you for the experience and the knowledge I have lost as well as the respite from my wife’s heretofore constant amorous attention.

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Alas, as the time rapidly approaches for White-Tip and I to part ways, I thought I would share some adventures that he and I had along the way. We got a new work ID together…

We ran into Spencer Cooke…

We went surfing… (Photos coming soon)

We befriended the North Carolina Beard and Mustache Club (see myspace) and joined www.BeardTeamUSA.org (”for moustaches too”)

*sniff sniff, one more day…

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For this, my last bi-weekly mustache-motivated quest , I decided to compare my two odd months of mustache growth with those around me who have been cultivating mustaches of their own forever.

This is Tutti. That is short for some ridiculously long name that my girlfriend made up, but I prefer to think of it as it’s Italian meaning – “everyone.” She is possibly the largest house-cat known to man. She is, however, not Italian, but she does have an impressive mustache. At this point, I think mine might have grown out a bit more than even her’s:

Ok, well, actually it looks more like I cut some of her fur off and glued it to my lip, but that’s just not the case. Anyway, MOVING ON, there is Luisa. She’s one of two Dogo Argentinos that overwhelm my household on a daily basis. She is, at the same time, the sweetest and worst behaved dog I have ever known. Part of this is due to the fact that she has epilepsy and has been spoiled because of it. Anyway, it is hard to see her mustache because it is white-on-white. Kind of reminds you of a mafia hit-person, no? There’s allot of Italians in Argentina… but I digress. There’s a mustache there though, and it is pretty good, but not as good as mine, but I’m a guy, so mine should be better, right?

OK, then there is Borges, a male and Luisa’s father. When he hangs out in the back yard, he takes great pleasure in peeing on my kayak. On the other hand, he keeps people from trying to steal it too, so I guess having to hose off the boat is worth it. He’s a serious dog – 125 lbs of pure muscle and boar/bobcat-hunting mite. This is him when he was younger.

Here he is now – he turned eight this year so he’s getting old – nice ‘stache though, huh? I think mine rivals even the old boy’s , don’t you?

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Today is a sad day for me. It marks my final post in this year’s Mustache King competition. I wish the contest would run year round so I could go on more adventures with my ’stache. But alas, all good things must come to an end and that end has come.

Questing Part 4: The challenge – 1. Kayaking 2. With an Animal 3. Playing a Board Game. So I figured, why not combine all three? It took me a few days to work out the logistics and I think these photos capture the essence of the quest. It was quite a challenge to find a life sized rabbit that was willing to get in a kayak AND play a game of checkers at the same time. (A special thank you to Danny Doran, the fuzzy bunny). I won’t say who won the game but it was easily the most intense game of checkers that I’ve ever played. The hair above my lip isn’t the only thing that has grown during this contest. I have a new outlook on life and feel the need to spread the joy of the mustache to everyone I meet. I think I’ll be keeping the ’stache indefinitely, it’s done wonders for my social life.

Until next year,

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But what you may ask? Well the story starts with the final and last quest for the those who are not lip hair deprived.  Thru my dealings at work I meet many people and creatures some of which maybe interchangeable. First lets start with the choices I had to go with like a pile of coyotes also note the many other choices. But I had only really one choice when looking thru a 4000 sq ft tent of animals a plethora of Noah’s ark. But the age old question what goes with the best stache out there.

But I chose well you see:
  Well, see you all on the James or in the Surf.

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I recently had the pleasure of visiting a fiberglass petting zoo. If you ever take 74East towards Wilmington, North Carolina, you should stop by and say hello to Betty. She’s the zookeeper of the wonderful facility that houses such exotic animals as flamingos, horses, bears and a pegasus. 

Mr. Ed was kind enough to allow me this heroic pose with him.

This little guy was not as kind. I tried to put my arm around his neck and smile for the camera, but he decided he had better things to do with White-tip looming that close to his mouth. I don’t think he’s a fan of the ’stache. I’m extremely thankful there was a camera nearby to document my escape. Thanks to my mythical strength I have acquired since growing the ’stache, White-tip and I were able to escape unscathed. 

And lastly, this is Charlie the flying pegasus. I tried to catch up to him and get my photo taken, but every time I got near him, he flew away. This was about as close as I got. 
Onward mustache, onward.

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Athletes, Moo-stache Ambassadors, Ladies, Gents, Fans,

Weeks 7-8: The final quest has been exhaled by the Great King of Mustaches. Show us your mustache while…

A. Kayaking
B. With some sort of animal
C. Playing a board game

Don’t forget your epic quests…

Epic Quest list: (you may complete THREE of these over the course of the ENTIRE contest)
1. You (and ’stache) posing with someone famous
2. You underwater
3. You and your ’stache on your driver’s lisence, student ID, or other identification card.
4. Indiana http://www.blogger.com/img/gl.link.gifJo… and the Temple of ‘Stache
5. Appear on TV either locally or nationally
6. Speaking in front of a large group of people
7. Doing a trick on a Skateboard or BMX
8. Wearing a HeeHaw Jones t-shirt
9. At Best Buy or Circuit City with one of the employees
10. Posing with one of the cast members of Night of the Living Donkey

The winner of the 2008 IR Mustache King, aka, 2nd Bi-Annual Curt Davis Invitational Mustache Growing Contest of Paddlesports, will be announced in early-mid August via the Rapid Transit Video Podcast. Go to your iTunes music store and search for Rapid Transit to subscribe for free. Or visit the web site and click the Podcast link at RapidTransitVideo.com

Signing off,

The Mustache King

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I guess we’re in the home stretch now. I’m a bit tardy with this one… but that doesn’t mean I’m giving up… ya’ll think you can match what the I-Stash has in store… ha. Yeah… that’s one of the nicknames I’ve attained in these last few weeks from one of my coworkers named Melissa. Although most just refer to me as Stash. This is me with my friend Shelly who works at Doc Cheys from about half an hour ago. I’m at the end of yet another wonderful weekend of shit running and chillin in the greater Asheville area and I realized last night that I needed to check in before I finish blowing the rest of the competition out of the water with my finale posts!


Good Afternoon Ladies and Gentleman. My recent adventures have been plenty. I still find myself sharing a special connection with mirrored lens sunglasses and Pontiac Firebirds. More recent times White-Tip and I have culled from my inner Wilford Brimley. I find myself annoyed by the more mundane and youthful things of life. Mustaches don’t have time for those things. I don’t even have time to shave. My mustache keeps the rest of my facial hair at bay.  The other hair follicles have developed inferiority complexes and prefer to not compete with the prominence of White-Tip. Kind of like everyone else vs. Chuck Norris. Beneath my mustache isn’t an upper lip. It’s another mustache.

In a special quest note, July 11th was national cow appreciation day. I figured, what better to do than visit my local Chick-fil-A and spend that time in a cow suit. 

Me and my server bonding over tasty fruit cup and waffle fries. Notice I hold my wallet in my hand, cow suits don’t have pockets. 

And of course, with the renowned Chick-Fil-A cow. Some people want their picture with a celebrity, aside from Brangelina, who’s more celebraded than Hilda heifer? 
“Eat Mor Chikin”

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Wow, this competition is certainly hotting up! Speaking of Hot, it’s fricking hot here in Vietnam: over 40C (that’s 104F to all you Imperial Drones, seriously guys, go metric). That’s right folks, since the competition started it’s been 3 countries and 1 great ‘tache. Even though I’ll be taking 1st prize when the competition ends at the end of the month, I plan on keeping the sextache for a couple weeks more to allow me to spread the hairy word to Cambodia – that’s just the kind of guy I am.

I’ve noticed that a few competitors have stepped their games up a notch for this round of the challenge. Too little too late in my opinion but I’m also willing to go that extra mile. I have therefore decided to complete all 3 of the possible quests.
Here goes:

A. At a restaurant with your waiter/waitress
Oh come on! Seriously you guys!

Shortly after taking this photograph, the waiter handed in his resignation to persue the dream of growing a moustache of his own. He subsequently opened the first Laos Mustache Accademy last weekend

B. You at the grocery store holding an embarrassing product

A little trickier for me. Anyone who has been to Asia will know that there are a distinct lack of grocery stores in the area. With dogged perserverance, I managed to track one down. Unfortunately for me, the Female Hygene section is something of a no-go area for men. I had to be quick…and stealthy.

Being a 6 foot tall guy with a bad-ass sextache and sunburn in a continent of short people doesn’t exactly lend itself to stealthyness…It was all good in the end, I even got a helpful sales assistant to take the photo. No matter how much she wanted to, I wouldn’t let her touch the ‘tache.

Nobody touches the tache…

C. Your favorite scene from Star Wars…Mustache edition

Intriguing…Being a fourth level Jedi, I am knowledgable in Star Wars. Being a fourth level Jedi, I am also quite the mind reader if I do say so myself.

Bearing this in mind, I chose not only my favourite scene in Star Wars, but every red-blooded males favourite scene!

That’s right, the Gold Bikini scene…behold!

The gauntlet has been thrown down. The stage is set, one post left, winner takes all!