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Competitors and esteemed fans, please excuse the month-long hiatus we took after the competition ended. The refereeing was so intense and exhausting that it literally took this long to recover. Seriously, it was a matter of the two of us getting together to take time and do the podcast show where we announce the winners, then the time to edit the thing. Maybe we bit off a little more than we could chew. Anyway, thanks for waiting patiently

First, we are really sad to have to announce that one of the competitors in this year’s Mustache Growing contest has passed away in a kayaking accident. Isaac Ludwig who was our friend, passionate kayaker and all-around good guy passed on August 26th. We mourn his death but hope that everyone can remember him for the great sense of humor he had throughout the contest. We knew him personally and can attest that he was really a great dude. More can be read about Isaac at this LINK.

Now, please go visit this link to view and/or listen to the podcast where you’ll find out who won the contest. CLICK RIGHT HERE.

The Mustache King organizers, Spencer Cooke & Joey Hall

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