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What a crazy couple of months it has been! From the early tache buds way back in early June to the hefty powerbars I’m sporting now. I can’t say it hasn’t been easy – it has.

I guess I’m just one of those guys who’s born with dazzling looks and amazing tache genes. I’ll probably donate my body to science so mustache development can be studied in depth. Who knows, maybe someday every guy will be able to grow full and luscious face furniture.

On to the final set of challenges.

I realized that this is the kind of competition where you go big or you go home. With that in mind, I hit the road to find some whitewater in Asia and unleash the power of the tache. I graced the presence of my tache on the Maetang River. I pretty much destroyed it in my trusty rental Method Air. Ordinarily plastic paddles and a 1980s PFD look pretty weak, but with the tache in action, the gear takes on a whole new look – I like to call it Bad-Ass!

After the takeout, I was hungry for another challenge.
I figured I needed to go even bigger. I mean this is a Mustache Competition, not a grow-in!
Sure I could have found a plastic animal, a stuffed toy or asked a friend to dress up as an ass or something. Hell I could have probably hired someone to be my personal beast of burden for a while or maybe gone to an animal and ping-pong show in Bangkok.

But that would be the easy option. Instead I decided to track down the biggest land mammal on earth and compa
re body hair.
So that’s what I did.

Say hello to Maggie

As you can see, the sextache has the same devastating effect on females of all species.

I see from reading the blog that most of my fellow competitors are banging on about the imminent demise of their lip hair attempts.

Here’s a thought: Save The Tache!

Hell, if you do, some of you might just have ripe enough taches this time next year to be able to mount a serious challenge!

Personally, I think my sextache has earned the right to stay put for a little while longer.

I’m gonna keep it for a couple more weeks, maybe I’ll try a few different styles, I might even extend the powerbars another couple of inches.

The possibilities are endless…

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