The day has come… the day I must say goodbye to a dear friend, the day I must come to terms of letting go, the day I must part ways with Fran until next year when we will meet again to rock and shock the world of staches of the greatness we have become to be known as…American Steele & Fran “The Lip of Hair of Indispensable & Unfathomable Greatness”.
Many took this challenge as just that, a challenge to grow hair on their upper lip, but not I, no I looked at this challenge of wit and advancements of puberty as a life quest to find who, what and why the mustache is what it is to our society and why those that poses it’s true powers are the true champions in life. One of my favorite exerpts from Guy de Maupassant’s “The Mustche,” is…

There is no love without a mustache!
“There is no patriotism without agriculture,” said M. Meline, and he was right, that minister; I now understand why.
From a very different point of view the mustache is essential. It gives character to the face. It makes a man look gentle, tender, violent, a monster, a rake, enterprising! The hairy man, who does not shave off his whiskers, never has a refined look, for his features are concealed; and the shape of the jaw and the chin betrays a great deal to those who understand.
The man with a mustache retains his own peculiar expression and his refinement at the same time.

With that I leave you a Photo Montage of the past few weeks spending with Fran and I & my final quote…

“A man without a mustache is like a cup of tea without sugar”~English Proverb

Signing off!

~American Steele & Fran “Already in the bag”

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