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I’d have to say that this was a fun two months. Disassociation from physical appearance has always been something I’ve enjoyed to play with.

Since I last checked in we’ve realized the severity of the two year drought in the Smoky Mountains region with the cutback of whitewater releases on the Pigeon and without adequate consideration of lower releases.

In yet another great example of how politics and corporations can dictate the economic viability of a region by mismanaging whitewater releases, Walters Hydroelectric Plant has proven yet again that they care little for the wellbeing of others much further then beyond their personal gain. This this makes whitewater sports on the Pigeon even harder to predict when the power company already never gives notice to the public on release days.

The lead photo in this post with Mr. Silsbee is the final part of the fulfillment of the epic quest list (#10). The first post with Gov. Bredison, Rep. Yokley and Sen. Southerland about the Pigeon River bill and the opening of our new kayaking shop with Rep. Yokley and mayor McMann all in some fulfilled (#1, 5 & 6) but I thought I’d add another for good measure. Since it was the last day of the competition and Diamond Brand was having a premiere of ‘Downunder the Horizon Line’ (a badass new kayaking video) I decided against going to Best Buy or Circuit City and ate pizza and watched the new vid instead.

The beginning of this last phase of competition started with my best friend from High School Rachel, her husband Nick and a number of our other friends, from the Cincy area (where Rachel went to highschool), visiting for a couple of days. We did some rafting on Saturday (one of two days with water on the Pigeon!), chilled in the hot tub a bit and then I showed them midnight hole (Big Creek) rockin the orange shorts again and donning the persona on the straw hat.

The rest of the week was spent rafting a bit more Tuesday on the Pigeon, Section 11 of the French Broad Mon & Wed and Upper Pigeon trips at 150 cfs Thursday… the the Hitler Stash for the Finale! I’m not racist at all… but since I probably won’t mess with the stash for quite a long time I thought I’d go big with the handlebars and the Hitler Stash while I was doing it already.

See ya’ll on the river!

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