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I briefly contemplated popping open a bottle of bubbly and celebrating the completion of our mustache journey, but after a thorough evaluation, I decided a visit to the park was in order. Off we go, White-Tip and I went to the park.

I couldn’t resist my boyish urges to swing and slide. Oh such fun.

After a taxing experience on the teeter-totter, I decide a respite was needed. Some crossword puzzles were in order. After surveying the area, I deduced I would have the peace and quite White-Tip and I longed for. Such celebrity status has its perks, it also has its perils.  

With my mind and body drained, I figured, what better to do than celebrate one last hurrah, with mint-chocolate-chip all over White-Tip. My fellow Baskin-Robbins patrons had much pleasure with White-Tip and I. We cut loose and ate and laughed freely. Farewell you all, for I shall miss you, and I know I’ll miss White-Tip dearly. 


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