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A must see for all the mustache fans. Ever see the cartoon The Tick? This is a snippet of an episode where the Tick wakes up a mustache. Pretty funny.

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Competitors and esteemed fans, please excuse the month-long hiatus we took after the competition ended. The refereeing was so intense and exhausting that it literally took this long to recover. Seriously, it was a matter of the two of us getting together to take time and do the podcast show where we announce the winners, then the time to edit the thing. Maybe we bit off a little more than we could chew. Anyway, thanks for waiting patiently

First, we are really sad to have to announce that one of the competitors in this year’s Mustache Growing contest has passed away in a kayaking accident. Isaac Ludwig who was our friend, passionate kayaker and all-around good guy passed on August 26th. We mourn his death but hope that everyone can remember him for the great sense of humor he had throughout the contest. We knew him personally and can attest that he was really a great dude. More can be read about Isaac at this LINK.

Now, please go visit this link to view and/or listen to the podcast where you’ll find out who won the contest. CLICK RIGHT HERE.

The Mustache King organizers, Spencer Cooke & Joey Hall

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I looked at my watch today and realized it was August, but I still have a mustache… I mean, the contest is over, right? I should probably shave now, right? Or, should I????


Well, maybe I’ll give it another day. It deserves another day to bask in the splendor of mustache royalty. Thanks to all for a fun two months. I’ll think of you all each time I shave and I promise to have at least one mustache month a year to commerorate this auspicious event. Farewell friends.


Every since I started this I thought to myself: What I am doing shaving the goat tee I had been sporting for over a year, But I would have to say the stache has been the better addition. I have one last picture to post me in a kayak. well its not the best but this was taken Sun Aug 3rd on the James. well it is over and we got to say GOODBYE, the stache will be missed.

 AND A BIG GOODBYE to all my fellow Stache wearers.
Charles Signing out for the Stache contest.

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What a crazy couple of months it has been! From the early tache buds way back in early June to the hefty powerbars I’m sporting now. I can’t say it hasn’t been easy – it has.

I guess I’m just one of those guys who’s born with dazzling looks and amazing tache genes. I’ll probably donate my body to science so mustache development can be studied in depth. Who knows, maybe someday every guy will be able to grow full and luscious face furniture.

On to the final set of challenges.

I realized that this is the kind of competition where you go big or you go home. With that in mind, I hit the road to find some whitewater in Asia and unleash the power of the tache. I graced the presence of my tache on the Maetang River. I pretty much destroyed it in my trusty rental Method Air. Ordinarily plastic paddles and a 1980s PFD look pretty weak, but with the tache in action, the gear takes on a whole new look – I like to call it Bad-Ass!

After the takeout, I was hungry for another challenge.
I figured I needed to go even bigger. I mean this is a Mustache Competition, not a grow-in!
Sure I could have found a plastic animal, a stuffed toy or asked a friend to dress up as an ass or something. Hell I could have probably hired someone to be my personal beast of burden for a while or maybe gone to an animal and ping-pong show in Bangkok.

But that would be the easy option. Instead I decided to track down the biggest land mammal on earth and compa
re body hair.
So that’s what I did.

Say hello to Maggie

As you can see, the sextache has the same devastating effect on females of all species.

I see from reading the blog that most of my fellow competitors are banging on about the imminent demise of their lip hair attempts.

Here’s a thought: Save The Tache!

Hell, if you do, some of you might just have ripe enough taches this time next year to be able to mount a serious challenge!

Personally, I think my sextache has earned the right to stay put for a little while longer.

I’m gonna keep it for a couple more weeks, maybe I’ll try a few different styles, I might even extend the powerbars another couple of inches.

The possibilities are endless…

The day has come… the day I must say goodbye to a dear friend, the day I must come to terms of letting go, the day I must part ways with Fran until next year when we will meet again to rock and shock the world of staches of the greatness we have become to be known as…American Steele & Fran “The Lip of Hair of Indispensable & Unfathomable Greatness”.
Many took this challenge as just that, a challenge to grow hair on their upper lip, but not I, no I looked at this challenge of wit and advancements of puberty as a life quest to find who, what and why the mustache is what it is to our society and why those that poses it’s true powers are the true champions in life. One of my favorite exerpts from Guy de Maupassant’s “The Mustche,” is…

There is no love without a mustache!
“There is no patriotism without agriculture,” said M. Meline, and he was right, that minister; I now understand why.
From a very different point of view the mustache is essential. It gives character to the face. It makes a man look gentle, tender, violent, a monster, a rake, enterprising! The hairy man, who does not shave off his whiskers, never has a refined look, for his features are concealed; and the shape of the jaw and the chin betrays a great deal to those who understand.
The man with a mustache retains his own peculiar expression and his refinement at the same time.

With that I leave you a Photo Montage of the past few weeks spending with Fran and I & my final quote…

“A man without a mustache is like a cup of tea without sugar”~English Proverb

Signing off!

~American Steele & Fran “Already in the bag”

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I’d have to say that this was a fun two months. Disassociation from physical appearance has always been something I’ve enjoyed to play with.

Since I last checked in we’ve realized the severity of the two year drought in the Smoky Mountains region with the cutback of whitewater releases on the Pigeon and without adequate consideration of lower releases.

In yet another great example of how politics and corporations can dictate the economic viability of a region by mismanaging whitewater releases, Walters Hydroelectric Plant has proven yet again that they care little for the wellbeing of others much further then beyond their personal gain. This this makes whitewater sports on the Pigeon even harder to predict when the power company already never gives notice to the public on release days.

The lead photo in this post with Mr. Silsbee is the final part of the fulfillment of the epic quest list (#10). The first post with Gov. Bredison, Rep. Yokley and Sen. Southerland about the Pigeon River bill and the opening of our new kayaking shop with Rep. Yokley and mayor McMann all in some fulfilled (#1, 5 & 6) but I thought I’d add another for good measure. Since it was the last day of the competition and Diamond Brand was having a premiere of ‘Downunder the Horizon Line’ (a badass new kayaking video) I decided against going to Best Buy or Circuit City and ate pizza and watched the new vid instead.

The beginning of this last phase of competition started with my best friend from High School Rachel, her husband Nick and a number of our other friends, from the Cincy area (where Rachel went to highschool), visiting for a couple of days. We did some rafting on Saturday (one of two days with water on the Pigeon!), chilled in the hot tub a bit and then I showed them midnight hole (Big Creek) rockin the orange shorts again and donning the persona on the straw hat.

The rest of the week was spent rafting a bit more Tuesday on the Pigeon, Section 11 of the French Broad Mon & Wed and Upper Pigeon trips at 150 cfs Thursday… the the Hitler Stash for the Finale! I’m not racist at all… but since I probably won’t mess with the stash for quite a long time I thought I’d go big with the handlebars and the Hitler Stash while I was doing it already.

See ya’ll on the river!

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I briefly contemplated popping open a bottle of bubbly and celebrating the completion of our mustache journey, but after a thorough evaluation, I decided a visit to the park was in order. Off we go, White-Tip and I went to the park.

I couldn’t resist my boyish urges to swing and slide. Oh such fun.

After a taxing experience on the teeter-totter, I decide a respite was needed. Some crossword puzzles were in order. After surveying the area, I deduced I would have the peace and quite White-Tip and I longed for. Such celebrity status has its perks, it also has its perils.  

With my mind and body drained, I figured, what better to do than celebrate one last hurrah, with mint-chocolate-chip all over White-Tip. My fellow Baskin-Robbins patrons had much pleasure with White-Tip and I. We cut loose and ate and laughed freely. Farewell you all, for I shall miss you, and I know I’ll miss White-Tip dearly. 


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Well today I learned how long it has been since I was last on my longboard.


Then I paddled out to try and fix the broken direction indicator on the lighthouse and turn it on.

Paddling Away

But a couple of passengers snuck aboard and challenged me to a grudge match of battleship.


And then they threw me overboard. I think the bear was teaching my cousin how to cheat.


Thankfully I managed to float to shore on the other side of the pool and after a little sputtering, and drying I was able to sneak away to freedom. The bear will rue the day it tried to interfere in a contest of such epic proportions.

Ze Final Mustach

Thanks to everyone involved. I hope to make it to a river at some elevation other that 0 feet so I can meet the other people interested in such shenanigans.

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Like sand through the hour glass, so are the days of our lives…. The two months of this fine competition have flown by and with the quality of competition I’m sure that we could put together a pilot episode of a new soap opera…

The days of our Mustaches???

Now I admit that I haven’t been active enough in many of the fine challenges set forward by the Mustache King, although I have partaken in most of the activities put forward, I never seem to have a camera at the ready to freeze the moment into a frame of digital prosperity.

Alas I have enjoyed the overall task of wearing a mustache proudly and my mustache and I will share great memories, like being able to gain the respect of those around me on the river, basketball court, hockey field, workplace, main street, post office. Everywhere I have been the mustache has been a centre piece of conversation and it will be sad to see it go.

I have decided to finish off the competition with a simple comparison of my mustache ‘then & now’ so without any further rambling here is my two months of growth.

1 June 2008

31st July 2008

And that is me, to the competitors, organisers and sponsors thank you for being kayakers. And thank you for the amusement.

Cheers and happy paddling.


CUMEC Magazine