Monique Hat

 I call my new hat the “Monique” hat.

Each one is definitely unique. It was specially handmade for me with much kindness and mine’s green, like my boat. The hat story goes like this…

  My very awesome friend Jana told me recently that she was knitting some hats to donate to a local ministry. She had become involved with a great group of ladies that knit and they were “giving back” to the community. This is just one of many things I often observe in our unique whitewater boating community…”giving back”. Not always in huge ways, not always boating related but very often in the small ways. I urge everyone to think about how they can participate in giving back. You will only be the richer for it, I guarantee you.

 Seeing how I knew she always comes up with something great, I asked for one and she kindly knit one for me and my husband too. The “Jim” hat is black/white like his boat. Since then, I’ve heard rumor that there are more “Dry Hair” hats out there, made specially by Dry Hair Boater. I love mine, thanks so very much Jana.

Rumor has it………there will be sightings of others who love their Dry Hair hats too.