Name: Liam Corr AKA LILI

Hometown: Penrith Australia

About me: Well I learnt how to paddle when I was 13 back in 2003 at Penrith white water, it wasn’t until 2004 the pre-world freestyle kayaking championships when I realised… That freestyle is a lot more fun then paddling around pools.

Fav Boat: All star

Fav Saying: I think it’s runnable…

Achievements: 2005 Australian National jr men’s 2nd

2006 Australian National jr men’s 3rd OC1 2nd

2007 Australian world selection Jr men’s 2nd Oc1 1st

2007 World Championships jr men’s 8th

2007 Teva Lea Extreme race 10th

2008 Australian National men’s 2nd oc1 1st

2008 Teva Lea extreme race 5th

2009 Australian National 1st men’s 1st oc1

Once upon a time: the 1st time I paddled the ottowa river, it was about mid April in 2007 when we arrived at the  airport it was snowing and cold :( .

So when we got to the river to have a surf on busy there was ice in the  river, so we went out. Wen I went to have  a surf  for the 1st time I got tangled  in the rope  and had a nice cold swim in the river… it took 2 hours to get my boat back. And lost the  paddle. Thanks james.

If you could have one Super Power, what would it be? If I could have one Super Power it would be the ability to control all of the rivers and water in the world, And they would call me… LILI the Whit water MAN

Tip’s on kayaking: Don’t  ever let anyone tell you that you can run a  rapid above yore ability, make your own decision


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