Name: Joseph Dunne

Home town: Leura, Blue Mountains, Australia

About me: I played soccer for about eight years but after a wile I got bored of kicking a ball. So I decided I would start looking for a new sport. I have always had an interest in boats. In 2007 my mum suggested that I try out some whitewater kayaking. So I enrolled in the junior development program at Penrith whitewater stadium. Kayaking for me has now grown from being just a sport to being a passion and has been the best decision of my life so far. I hope to compete in future world kayaking events and be the best boater I can.

Fav boat: All star

Achievements : 2010 Australian national championship

freestyle Jr mens 2nd Mens 3rd

2011 Australian national championship

freestyle Jr mens 2nd

Boatercross Jr mens 3rd

Fav place to paddle: Penrith whitewater

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