Name: Jez

Hometown: Sydney, Australia

About me: I learnt how to paddle at a Camp in North Carolina and have been boating as much as possible from that moment on. I travel between USA and Australia, following the endless summer since 1999.
Fav place to paddle – Penrith Whitewater Stadium Australia and the Green River NC

Fav Jackson Boat: Villian

Achievements/Media: World Cup Winner, Six time Australian National Champion, Three Time World Cup Event Winner (Rock Island, Prague, Switzerland) Numerous other placings around the world, Australian National Whitewater Raft Team, Skippy Films, Creator of Jackson Kayak Camp Instructional Tour and HUCK Southeast, First descents in America and Australia, JK Team since it started and is Jackson Kayak’s token C1 Paddler, and finally learning to paddle K1

Fav Saying: Get busy living or get busy dying

Jez is passionate about kayaking and loves all kinds of boating including K1, C1 and OC1. Jez is a Police Officer in the NSW Riot Squad which funds his boating habits and he goes boating every chance he gets. After eight years of seasonally teaching paddling he turned his focus on teaching for Jackson Kayak on the Fun Tour. Jez has the ultimate lifestyle by managing to follow the summer across the two hemispheres. He has now seen eighteen summers in a row by moving between Sydney Australia where he paddles at the Penrith Whitewater Stadium, and the South East of USA.

“Boating is a big part of my life. It completes me. I learnt how to paddle from my sensei Leland Davis in 1999 and never looked back. I like to think of paddling as a dynamic sport. Unlike most other sports, a day on the river is always different; the water levels are different; your lines are different; rocks are continually moving and change the river; the scenery is continually changing. Paddling is such a dynamic sport. As a famous boater once said, the world would be a better place if everyone paddled.”
I choose to live a Drug Free Lifestyle

Other interests: He likes long walks on the beach; helped create a natural diuretic for NASA Astronauts while in space suits; had a small role in Office Space the movie, Chuck Norris is reported as saying, “He’s alright”.


 Skippy Films
Jackson Kayak Down Under
Jackson Day of Stars

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