Name – Chris Darlington

Hometown – Jindabyne, Snowy Mt’s

About Me – A dood who hangs out in the mountains and does lots of skiing and kayaking. Paddling the snow melt avoids me getting depressed from the ‘spring blues’ and skiing in the winter helps me to keep my mind away from my cockpit for a while. I like going hard, i.e. big hikes with a boat, long runs or rides and cross country ski racing.

Fav place to paddle – Swampy Plains River from Cootapatamba Hut (base of Mt Kosciuszko) down the Western faces of the main range towards Geehi. (But I don’t recommend that anyone tries that mission)

Fav Jackson Boat – Mmmmmm, they are all so good…. so probably any of them in lime green colour and with me sitting in it doing something fun and hopefully not getting trashed.

Achievements/Media Exposure/DVD - I was in Skippy Film’s ‘Down Under The Horizon Line’, I’ve had a few appearances on Eurosort for cross country ski world cup and world champs, Outer edge magazine and plenty of local media such as newspapers, radio and Snowy Mt’s TV. But I’m not as famous as Paul Hogan or anyone.

Fav Saying – ‘Life’s full of disapointment’. My Local paddling buddy Peter Murphy (Murf) taught me that saying and he continues to demonstrate that it’s true, time and time again.

A random story about an expedition or paddling story. – Nick Herald and I took the Thredbo chairlift up to the top of the resort with the boats. We hiked out through the snow to the base of Mt Kosciuszko to take on the 1st descent of the upper Swampy Plains River down to Geehi. The river dropped 1600m vertical over 22kms. After paddling 600m vert down the creek we arrived at the point where the creek dropped another 600m vertical over only 1.8km. This proved to be impossible to even portage so we then had to hike 11 hours with the boats and the over night gear back and over the range to Thredbo village. That was fun.

Who would win in a fight between Superman Vs Batman? It would be a draw. There’d be a bit of playful slapping followed by a trading of their underwear that they wear so proudly for all to admire. They would probably sign the jox for each other too. Those guys scare me.

Chris Darlington

Chris Darlington

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