Nickname – BONDY

Hometown - Cairns FNQ, AUSTRALIA

About Me – I Began paddling at the end of 2007 when i moved to Cairns, in far northern Queensland.  When I first started I couldn’t get enough of it, even after snapping my brand new paddle and receiving 8 stitches to the face on my first ever white water experience, to this day i still love the sport just as much, if not more.  I enjoy all forms of  kayaking from play boating to steep creeking and expiditions, but the best part of the sport is all the great people you meet and hanging out with mates on the river.

herbert river


Fav place to paddle – Behana Gorge, Josephine falls, Broadwater creek, to many to choose from

Fav Jackson Boat - The Villian, dam fine boat.

Achievements/Media – Skippy films GUANT, you tube superhero, 5th Australian steep creek boatercross titles, 6th Australain freestyle titles. Numerous first descents within Australia


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Fav Saying

“She’ll be right”

“Its totally runable”

A random story about an expedition or paddling story.

The upper Barron River – Your Testing me! paronella park

The trip starts by parking the car unknowingly under a wasp nest, as we begin to take the boats of the roof the wasps attack.  After receiving multiple stings from annoyed wasps we finally get on the river, after the first little bump on a less than menacing rock my brittle old creeker splits down the guts and water begins to pour in. With no where to portage out, it’s a matter of dealing with it for the next 17km of river, 5km of which is solid class IV to V. By the last 3 km of river the boat is filling to the deck in a matter of minutes and light is fading fast as my lame boat has significantly slowed us down as it is now a submarine. The remaining length of river is full of trees and sieves as the river is in flood mode, but it doesn’t end there.  We some how make it to the get out in the dark through trees and reeds, to discover that the transport vehicle, the trusty old bomb belonging to Doctor Dom (which was well and truly past it’s use by upper cannabullen creek date, being held together by sticky tape and sickaflex, and requires a push start to get going) has decided not to play. It refuses to start and is parked on a steep hill which to make matters worse leads straight down into the flooded river.  After several attempts to roll start in the dark we got a little to close to the river for comfort. Attempts to fix the car were hampered by the fact that the bonnet was now unable to be opened, fantastic! Finally our luck changed and out of the only farm house within kilometers of anywhere walks one of the old school Cairnspaddlers who is up visiting friends.  With his help and few much needed tools we finally get the car going and returned 5hours later than expected… Now to explain it too the misses.

Josh… Are Transformers real and have you ever met one? Yes, of course they are real, why else would they have made a film documentary on them? Unfortunately I haven’t been to Japan yet to meet one though.








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