Cadet Class and World Cup

Before I blog about our goings on, if you are too young to participate in this years World Cup, the organizers are creating a special Cadet Class at the NOC for the Sunday morning. If you would like to experience what it is like paddling in front of an audience and international world class paddlers, you need to get your butt down there Sunday. Contact the NOC if you would like to compete, entry I hear is free!! Don’t let this opportunity pass you by, we would love to have a full class of kids so if you are too young to compete in this years freestyle world cup, make sure you contact the event organizers and be down at the NOC on the weekend of the 8th and 9th of September. I would also like to thank the organizers for allowing this class to be run, I can’t wait to see them throw down in the feature.

So onto the rest of the blog. We have been training at the NOC, Pigeon and surrounds for over a week now and have seen internationals slowly arrive. Paddling with so many world class paddlers creates such a buzz. I am very excited to see some of our Juniors compete this year and I am more stoked for them then I am for my runs.

There are some downsides. Waiting for your turn in eddies become longer, but the vibe in the eddies is always great. Especially with the juniors who are stoked more than most people about just being on the water.

The Europeans have slowly arrived and seeing all their different gear and carbon boats is interesting. The chatter of all the internationals is also totally different to what the southeast normally features. I am not sure what most of them are saying, but here is where smiling and nodding really comes into its own.

The NOC has put in a whole lot of resources into this feature. The organizers are doing a great job of getting things ready, I appreciate Zuzana and the team for their solid hard work, I know its going to be a great competition indeed. Keep an eye out for the bubble Subaru as a copious amount of bubbles fly out of the our window, I mean who doesn’t like bubbles?

I can’t wait to see how the next few weeks go. Stay tuned for updates from the team as we approach the World Cup of Freestyle Kayaking.

See you on the water.


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