Colorado Play Daze

This morning started like most mornings here in Colorado with Jez blasting music from the van before yelling “GOOD MORNING COLORADO!”. We stopped and picked up cereal for break feast and Jez asked if we had enjoyed our sleep in, which in reality was only waking up at 8:30 as apposed to 7:30. An awesome extra hour of sleep.  After breakfeast by the Buena Vista play park we had the option of getting in a play boat and playing around or heading down to a different wave and stand up paddle boarding. While learning you fall off a lot and the water was quite cold, but it was still so much fun. We had a fun and relaxed morning in the waves of the BV play park. After lunch and a 30 minute rest hour we split into 2 groups. One headed into town for about an hour and the other stayed and played. Then when the first group returned, the second went out. When all that was finished we again split into two groups. One of the groups went up to the top of a mountain that was about twelve thousand feet and the view was absolutely amazing. Even though it’s blazing hot down in the valley there was actually snow at the top of the mountain. The other group went to finally get clean with a shower. After a few days it felt kind of nice to be clean again. We had a delicious meal of Frito pie, which capped off an awesome day. Colorado!!

- Griffin

Huck Colorado is a kayak program for teens. Pictures courtesy of Darin McQuoid and Jez

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