Huck Colorado – Lower Arkansas

Today we paddled on the Arkansas River in Colorado and we had a ton of fun.  We paddled in the Big Horned Sheep gorge and we kayaked through class three rapids that were really cool.  we worked on boofing over rocks, surfing in little waves in creek boats, and punching holes.  The section of the river that we paddled on was cool because we saw big horned sheep on the mountains right beside the river that were huddled up in a circle watching the rafters and kayakers paddle down the rapids.  On the middle of the river, we stopped for a lunch break.  Another cool part of the gorge was the Sangre de los Cristos mountains which were some of the mountain lines across the river and in the gorge.  The river was sort of long which meant a ton of super fun rapids to paddle on and waves plus holes to surf.  We stopped a lot to take our time and talk about the next rapid that was coming up and to talk about the correct lines on that rapid. At the end of the river we were kind of sad that the river was over because all of the rapids were super fun.


The gold team’s epic day today involved paddling class three and four rapids in a spectacular, super steep and deep canyon surrounded by amazing mountains called the royal gorge. In this canyon we saw cool animals like big horned sheep. All of the rapids were super fun and had cool lines weaving in and out of rocks and holes. The biggest rapid was sunshine, a sticky hole that you had to avoid from the right or left. On the right was a boof to an eddy, and on the left was a narrow tongue in between a rock and the hole. The coolest part about the river is the gradient, because there was almost no flat water, and the rapids were one after the other. in the heart of the gorge were super steep walls, and a cool bridge at the top. At the end of this stretch of river, we exited the mountains and paddled to the van. on the way back to the campsite we could see the gorge from the road which was really cool. Back at the campsite, we enjoyed some cool bouldering on the surrounding cliffs. All in all, it was an amazing day.



Photos courtesy of Darin Mcquoid and Jez


  • Jennifer EGUES says:

    Sounds great! Keep having fun!

  • Will says:

    You should check out both Bighorn Sheep Canyon and the Royal Gorge in June after a decent winters snow pack. All those big boulders are cover forming big fun waves.

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