Huck Colorado Day 2 – Brown Canyon

I must say that today went quite smoothly! Yesterday, the two groups made sure to get our boats and gear ready early so we didn’t have to do it this morning today, instead just eat a quick breakfast and get on the road. The gold group headed to the brown canyon with our creek boats to do 13 miles (way longer than most runs) of beautiful and fun whitewater. It was hard to focus on the water with the amazing scenery all around you. It was truly amazing to be with instructors that knew the river so well, because they would tell us cool things and cool lines on the river that otherwise we would not have seen. About half way down the river we stopped for lunch, and got to relax on a beach that had just been made in the past week by a flood. A bit farther downstream, the group stopped at a cool rock jump, where we jumped for our snickers bars and hung out on the rocks. We are just now about to eat a good smelling dinner, then probably sit by a nice fire. As you can tell, we are figuring out how to live here in Colorado.


The green group had a pretty relaxed day on the river with lots of fun play boating. We started off the morning by eating breakfast at RMOC and quickly headed to the river. We put in half way down fraction section of the Arkansas and slowly paddled are way down without any problems. As we finished the beautifully scenic section of the river and approached the surf waves. We all messed around in the first hole practicing anything form cartwheels and loops, to just side surfing for the remaining of the morning. After surfing for a solid hour, we headed up for lunch and a quick walk around the amazing town of Buena Vista.  We climbed on boulders and walked into cool shops all across the town in the blistering heat but it was all worth it when we got some tasty ice cream from a local shop.  We relaxed for a few minutes and headed back out to the play park for another hour or so.  We all worked on cool new tricks as we attracted small crowds of locals. We headed back to the campsite for a relaxing night of pasta and chips and prepare ourselves for another amazing day in Colorado.


Huck Colorado is a Kayak program for Teens. Pictures courtesy of Darin McQuoid and Jez

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