The kids go out to play.

Can you remember what its like to get your first few loops. Maybe you had a reaction like this one from Local Hero Southeast paddler Matt. Dude, that is one massive loop!!!

Here is an update from Joey who is also a Local Hero Southeast paddler.

It’s that time of year again! Water is warming up, more things are running, and I’m getting in my boat every second that I can. I’ve started off this time of year by heading to do some creeking at Big Creek, North Fork of the French Broad, and some nice river running at the Pigeon at almost triple the normal flow. Most of my playboating has been done at eternity hole, where I have managed to be throwing some nice moves and combos. It’s amazing to think that this is just the beginning… In exactly one week is spring break, which means one thing; nothing but boating. I hope to mix it up with styles of boating, by doing some creeking as well as playing.  As far as this coming summer, all I can do now is kayak and wait. Canada, Colorado, all over the southeast… it’s on the way. I’ll be training for competition while doing this, but it’s hard to think of it like training. It’s just plain fun… and addicting.

- Joe

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