New Jackson Kayak C1 Outfitting

There is some huge news for all C1 boaters out there. After years of having to ghetto fit boats for C1, Jackson Kayak is about to release an amazing C1 system this year. C1 boaters have been waiting for this for years and finally there is something that will convert K1 to C1 with ease. NICE.

Personally I have used the same outfitting to change K1 to C1 and just kept moving it on to my next boat, however this outfitting is so exciting that all C1-ers should sit up and take notice.

Fistly the pillar sits over the pre-existing beam and attaches directly to it making it one of the most stable and strong systems out there. No longer are you going to have to glue your saddle in or have it move on you when you come up to the crux move, nope, its solid and won’t move.

This other cool thing about this saddle is that it can be used on all Jackson boats, play boats and creek boats.

The JK C1 outfitting has a backbend that can be raised and lowered to different heights with an ingenious brace which holds the backband up high on your back. The ropes that are attached to the the K1 backbend are used to attach to the C1 backband. This allows for very easy and quick exiting of the system if you need to swim by releasing the ropes and sliding out the back.

Hey and you know that you can’t just walk up to a store and say, that K1 boat looks great but can you get it in a C1. Well hold the phones, you will be able to do this soon. Imagine, using the same saddle system for your Villain when the creeks are up, but when you park and play you can have another saddle in your Rockstar. If you want you will be able to get the C1 fitted out on your boat when you buy a new boat OR you can get a C1 system and retrofit your boat which helps if you are looking to resell your boat allowing it to be converted back to a K1. SWEET!! So easy to do in just a couple of hours.

For those just learning to C1, you can use the standard straps but for those that have been C1-ing for a while there are some sweet attachment points on the base of the saddle next to your feet for retrofitting all those cool straps you have been using for years.

Another fantastic part of this is there is no need to drill holes through the outside wall of your kayak which means since there are no holes in Jackson boats already, there will be no holes at all allowing water in. No water in your boat has got to be a good thing. Another super cool thing about the saddle is there is a easy to change screw allowing you to move your saddle forward or back in an instant. Imagine going to a play spot and thinking I wish I could move my saddle back so I can get some BIG loops, well you can do that. Or if you find you want to get your weight forward to punch a hole when you are creeking, dude, you can do that too. You want your backband to sit higher or lower, easy, just change it.

Dude, no more ghetto-ness with C1. Solid, comfortable and simple to use. Did I mention it’s solid? Yep, it’s solid. Oh yea, a solid saddle.

Being a C1 boater, I have never been as excited as l am right now. Us C1 boaters have been waiting for this for years. Ask and you shall receive. Stay tuned for more info on the Jackson C1 Outfitting.

This is what I guarantee, we will see more C1 boaters on the water this year than ever before.


Jackson Kayak Coordinator of Karma (and very excited C1 paddler)




  • Dave says:

    This is what the C-world needs! Any idea on when this saddle set up will be available? I recently got a Jackson and am anxious to out fit it as a c-boat. Any additional information would be greatly appreciated.

  • Willy says:

    Really nice looking. Should make it a lot easier for paddlers to try out C1.

  • Jeff Evans says:

    I recently outfitted a Fun for a friend. Here are some pics. Great to see someone finally thinking of us Cboaters. I have been thinking of a Villian for my next boat.
    Jeff Evans

  • Dominic says:

    Hi Jez. As a fellow C1 paddler of the last 28 years…..well done on pushing through the Jackson Saddle kit! Just two questions, can I assume it will fit my X link Superstar with a central bar (not thermoplastic centre track) and is it available now to order? How much through Square Rock UK?

    Many thanks

    Dom (alias C1 Dom)

  • Marc says:

    Does this outfitting fit on a Pyranha Burn (small)

  • Aaron Bible says:

    Awesome. How is this different than other conversion kits?

  • jez says:

    No worries mate, thanks for your comment. Great to see some fellow C1 boaters still charging.

  • jez says:

    Hey mate, you maybe able to retro fit it however I am not sure, it is made for Jacksons though. Cheers mate.

  • jez says:

    Thanks Jeff mate, great to see for sure!!!!

  • jez says:

    Totally mate, should be a great for sure.

  • jez says:

    Hey mate, it should be available this summer mate. Great to see so many C1-ers getting behind the outfitting.

  • Sandaltanman says:

    Awesome – hoping it is available now… have been paddling C1 for over 15years – now I may be able to actually buy a fun boat that I’m confident will be fun, fun, fun!!!!
    It will also help me/us all to encourage kayakers to experiment with C-boating without the fear that any boat converted is not irreversibly so… Well done Jez!

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